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Eric A. Bratcher

Pet Pig Dad.

Hi. I'm Eric. Nice to meet you.

I'm a versatile writer, content creator, and design consultant with more than two decades of professional experience. Need captivating content? I've got you covered.


I work across a vast range of content types, from marketing campaigns to technical manuals to videogame scripts. You can read the full list here, or just cut to the short-and-simple version: If you need something written, I can write it for you.


I'm a seasoned professional, I never miss a deadline, and I'm committed to being every client's best partner.

So. How may I help you? 

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“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quote marks has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you.”



Professional Writer and Game Consultant
Senior Editor, Future US
  • Led the writing team that made the site a leading industry voice and (at the time) one of the most-visited videogame websites in the world, with higher engagement than Facebook

  • Established the site's unique editorial voice through authorship of style/grammar guide and article templates. Wrote feature articles, reviews, previews, blog posts, and news

  • Produced the equivalent of a 100-page magazine every three days using a staff of 14 in- house writers, artists, videographers, interns, and external collaborators (see next bullet)

  • Managed day-to-day interactions with UK subsidiary edit team and 40+ freelance writers, from assignment to editing to final proofing, always respecting monthly budget

  • Cultivated synergistic relationships with dozens of external PR reps, and established collaborative partnerships with internal tech, IT, marketing, and fellow editorial teams

  • Introduced first-in-market features including an iOS app and long-form sponsored content

  • Fostered ongoing improvement through collaboration with tech team to customize and optimize back-end tools, conduct A/B trials, and conceive and introduce new features

Founding Editor in Chief,


  • Tracked deliverables, critiqued software, designed page layouts, managed freelancers, and wrote and edited content for the world's largest publisher of enthusiast magazines


As a consultant:

  • Use decades of industry knowledge and seasoned insight to give clients detailed analysis of how in-development products will be received by the press and public

As a writer:

  • Craft ad copy, software manuals, press releases, website content, magazine features, online news, videogame scripts, marketing SWOTs, newsletters, fiction, long-form instructional materials, and more—always delivered on time, on budget, and on point


Hits magazine:

  • Obtained, related, and distributed radio airplay data from 20+ sources daily, also provided training and service for 100+ users of proprietary STATS software

  • Verified accuracy of newly added tracks and metadata, wrote on-brand product descriptions to entice potential customers and drive sales

Database Content Editor


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Tel: 1-510/612-9074

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