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Branded blogs - Achieve Test Prep

Achieve Test Prep was an online nursing school with an awesomely forward-thinking business model—and a website so outdated that it undermined the school's legitimacy and professionalism. Achieve contacted Precision Marketing Group for help, and PMG recruited me to optimize the site's blog.


We considered a simple refresh of the blog content, just replacing outdated statistics with current data and so on. But it quickly became apparent that many of the posts were competing with one another for google ranking, and therefore dragging one another down like lobsters in a pot. So we scrapped roughly 70% of the blogs and I rejuvenated the survivors, typically retaining the best-performing URL but replacing the old body text with new, written-from-scratch text that merged the ideas of multiple retired posts into a single more current, useful, and SEO-minded article. 


The resulting posts felt fresher, provided greater service to the reader, and—most importantly to the client—climbed much further up the google rankings.

final - Achieve - Good Bad Ugly v6 final
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