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Safer for them.
Safer for you.

Reduces risk of injury.
Minimizes legal liability.
Safer. Easier to use. More versatile.
Modern handcuffs engineered for modern encounters. 
The 21st Century Cuffs difference

Police work has changed a lot over the last 100 years.
Your handcuffs haven't ... until now.

Inadequate equipment can increase risk to both subjects and police officers,
and the results can have disastrous personal and legal consequences. 

5 tragic reasons every police department should want 21st Century Cuffs

21st Century Cuffs are a better solution

Easier to apply than
traditional handcuffs

Secure one hand, stretch the cuffs up to 18 inches to secure the other hand, then shorten the adjustable connector cable on the fly.

Increase safety, decrease liability, and prevent lawsuits

Minimize legal liability and reduce risk of injury to both officers and subjects by de-escalating potentially dangerous situations faster and more safely.  

More versatile than traditional handcuffs

Secure one hand behind a subject’s back and the other hand in front. Secure larger subjects with one set of cuffs instead of two. 21CCs even double as leg cuffs.

Learn more and see 21st Century Cuffs in action

Make every encounter as safe as it can be. 
Try 21st Century Cuffs today.

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